Just to minimize repeated typing work for filling Deposit Slip and NEFT / RTGS forms, I have made an application GENADD which contains address book with cheque printing as well as filling of NEFT / RTGS forms and Deposit slips for  HDFC / BOB &  SBI Banks.  I am going to add Axis Bank very soon.  By the time, please download and review my application from following link. For Printing Cheques of either Bank, Please select appropriate Option and put the blank cheque vertically in the center of the Printer.  You can also add / modify / delete cheque format according to your choice. See options..

AXIS BANK Deposit Slip Printing added. NEFT & RTGS Form of Axis Bank will be added within very short time.  Let me have your special requirements of any. 

Email me your suggestions please : pankajkumar590@gmail.com


I have also attached VFP6 Run Time – auto install.  The application is to be installed in D:\ drive only.

Username : PKT

Password : PKT

Please do send me your comments and requirements for modification / correction if any.

Please just send email if you like my application, this will help me develop more free application.



Franklin Thaker

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